A Tribute to Jim Doyle

Earlier this year, Jim Doyle, a longtime friend and  supporter of the DMAW/EF, passed away. He will be truely missed by the direct marketing community.

“ Always a contrarian and seldom quiet or bashful my friend Jim Doyle’s death is a great loss to our profession, our association and all of his colleagues and friends everywhere who knew or worked with him over the decades.  Jim was a teacher, speaker, and most of all a solid practioneer of the art and science of direct marketing. He cared deeply about the young direct marketers and worked hard to both help educate them and then help find them their first jobs in our profession. Proud of his Irish roots, Jim  always had a joke or story at the ready to tell – some even funny!  Till we meet again, sleep warm Jim .”                                                                                                      – Rick Whelan

Thank you, Jim, for all you did to support your students and the DMAW/EF.

A Link to Jim Doyle’s Obituary

In this 4-minute video, Jim Doyle, Adjunct Professor of Direct Marketing at American University for 19 years, described the cooperative teach-and-learn efforts between American University and the DMAW Educational Foundation. Over 1,000 students graduated from Jim’s direct marketing class, with many moving on to work at a variety of direct marketing companies in the D.C. area. Here, Jim explains why he believed so strongly in the partnership.

View the video here.