What’s In It 4You?

What’s In It For THEM (And You)?

A group of highly respected direct marketing professionals joined the Educational Foundation Board in January. What dimension of the Foundation’s work attracted these experienced folks to contribute their time and talent? Here’s what they told us.


I “fell” into my career in Direct Marketing by accident, and am go grateful I did. The idea that there is an organization like the DMAW/EF working to facilitate young people choosing this as a career motivated me to join the Board. Couple that with the fact that I started working at Lautman Maska Neill & Company when a mentor like Kay Lautman was around, and it’s hard not to support such a great venture.           Robin Perry, Vice President, Lautman Maska Neill & Company

Attracting Future Employees! The DMAW Educational Foundation is key to the future of direct marketing fundraising. It is important that the DM fundraising “industry” increase its outreach to students who never thought of direct marketing fundraising as a career. Many of us currently working in senior positions in the fundraising arena “just fell into our careers.” The market place for attracting a talented and diverse workforce is becoming increasingly competitive. We need to attract students who are interested in careers in NP Direct Marketing/fundraising. DMAW EF can help shine a spot light on the wide range of abilities/interests needed in our industry – ranging from data/tech gurus, copy writers, designers, strategists, mail and digital experts, and the list goes on…           Tracy Lea, CFRE, Vice President The Harrington Agency

My broad interest is to help DMAW/EF understand the current and future vision of our industry. Wayne Gretzky was famous for skating to where the puck is going, not to where it is. So where is Direct Response going? The railroad industry began to decline because they thought they were in the railroad business—not the transportation business. I will start by listening to many of you—and encourage your input.”             Bruce Gregoire, Owner and CEO, Wise Guys Marketing

My first encounter with DMAEF was an educational program for college students at George Washington University. I was invited to be a presenter. I met a student who asked if I would mentor her. I said, “yes.” Today she lives in Africa and continues to be thankful for the opportunity that DMAEF gave her to learn from marketing professionals. This is just one of the many stories of how DMAEF’s programs change lives.         Gail Battle, Director of Development, St. Luke Institute

As a college student (I won’t tell you how long ago that was!), I participated in the DMAW Collegiate MAXI competition after taking a class in direct response marketing. I’ve been hooked ever since! The experience of being on the DMAW-EF board really brings everything full circle … and if I’m able to introduce or reinforce a student’s exposure to the exciting and ever-evolving world of direct response, all the better!           Lynn Waller, Vice President, Chapman Cubine + Hussey

I was drawn to the DMAW/EF because I know firsthand the value that the programs provide. I participated in the Mentor-for-a-Day program as I was graduating college, which led to an internship and then a job at PMG, where I still am today. I remember being a student, and looking for opportunities like those the DMAW/EF provides, which is why I am excited to give back.          Leigh Ann Doyle, Production Manager, PMG