Info for Employers

Your Firm and the DMAW Mentor for a Day Program

The Mentor for a Day program brings together college students interested in direct marketing, and DMAW member firms looking to identify new talent.

How it works: Mentor for a Day (MFAD) works with marketing Professors at nearby Universities to recommend talented students who want to investigate aspects of the DM profession, and matches them up with companies within the DMAW membership. On a mutually-agreed upon date, coordinated through MFAD, the student visits the firm’s facilities and meets with several team members for informal, informational interviews and Q&A about their work.

Benefits to DMAW member firms:

  • Introduces firms to students who have demonstrated high interest in direct marketing as a career path
  • Provides firms with an ability to pre-screen potential internship/job candidates who are interested in      working in the DC metropolitan area after graduation
  • Supports the education of future direct marketers about our industry

Want to get involved as a MFAD firm?

Complete a short application here to indicate your interest in participating. 

Before you host a student, MFAD will help you create a brief agenda for the visit. Your agenda should balance of networking and understanding how your business operates, such as:

  • Networking opportunities with management or executive team
  • Tours of facilities
  • Interviews with senior leaders about the DM industry
  • Meeting with managers to learn about operational aspects of the business
  • Job shadowing opportunities with entry level or mid-level staff

For more information, email: