Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle was established in 2008 to support the DMAW/EF, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, with programs that link professors, students and direct marketing organizations. Leadership Circle donations fund many essential programs, such as Professors’ Institute, Collegiate MAXI Competition, Student Mentoring/Internships, and much more.

Leadership Circle membership is open to individuals and corporations in the direct marketing industry. Our circle members are encouraged to get personally involved with one of our EF Programs such as:  the Collegiate MAXI Competition, Professors’ Institute, or Mentor for a day.

Making a donation is simple, complete the Leadership Circle Donor Sheet and mail to:

200 Little Falls Street, #205
Falls Church, VA 22046

For more information, contact DMAW/EF Executive Administrator, Amy Steinbicker by email leadershipcircle@dmawef.org or phone 703-407-1663.

The current sponsorship levels are:

Bronze Sponsor: $500

  • Recognition on the DMAW/EF Website
  • Recognition within the DMAW/EF Newsletter

Silver Sponsor: $1,000

  • Bronze Benefits
  • Special recognition at the Professors’ Institute
  • Invitation to the Professors’ Institute for up to two members of staff

Gold Sponsor: $5,000

  • Silver benefits
  • Invitation to speak at Professors’ Institute about potential job opportunities for entry level employees and provide company information to professors to pass on to students
  • Special Recognition to entry-level talent at Collegiate MAXI Events
  • Named Sponsor during Collegiate MAXI with company logo featured throughout competition and on DMAW/EF website as a sponsor

Platinum Sponsor: $10,000+

  • Gold Benefits
  • First Pass at Informational Interviews with students vetted through Mentor For a Day Program
  • Logo on a give-away item for attendees at Professors’ Institute.

Individual Giving Ask Amounts:

  • $100 sponsors one student to attend the DMAW MAXI Awards
  • $150 provides one auction item at our Annual Silent Auction
  • $250 covers the cost for one educator to attend the annual Professors Institute
  • $300 allows the DMAW/EF board to honor three individuals with annual awards
  • $425 covers the cost for one team to participate in the Collegiate MAXI Case Competition
  • $500 sponsors one student to attend the Annual DMAW Bridge Conference
  • $1,000 provides needed funding to hold our Annual Silent Auction
  • $3,400 provides needed funding to hold our Semi-annual Collegiate MAXI Competition
  • $7,000 provides needed funding to hold our Annual Professors Institute