Mentor for A Day

Is your organization looking for talented young people to add to your staff or you are a student interested in a career in the direct/interactive marketing industry, then you should participate in our Mentor a Student for a Day program which introduces college students to career opportunities in the field.

It is a win/win/win proposition – “We almost never hire right out of school; the PMG philosophy is to hire very experienced DM veterans. But this program gave us a chance to get to know these ‘youngsters’ before hiring them – kind of like a test drive – so it worked for us!”

Chip Heartfield, Chief Operating Officer, PMG Direct

Students are recommended by professors to participate in the program.  They are then matched with organization hosts to spend a day shadowing employees to learn more about careers in the field– from selling production services to writing copy for an organization looking to generate revenue or donations. Students can visit multiple firms to network with industry insiders and understand the business models of these organizations.

Sponsoring firms will be able to meet multiple pre-screened, eager students.   This program supports professional networking and recruiting between students studying direct marketing and area firms who want to identify new talent.

Student Application

Benefits to Students:

  • Opportunity to visit several greater Washington area organizations
  • Develop a network of professional contacts from their visits
  • Gain a better understanding of the direct marketing industry

Benefits to Organizations:

  • Meet students who have studied direct marketing and are interested in the field
  • Exposure to students who have recently competed in direct marketing competitions
  • Provides firms with a full day to visit with potential internship/job candidates

  How are students selected?

To facilitate the goals of the program, each participating University will select students to participate in the program each semester.  This will insure that candidates for the program are professional and represent the best talent.  In selecting students to recommend for this honor, the following is considered:

1.      Students should have a specific interest in direct marketing industry.

2.      Students looking in the greater Washington market’s job market are encouraged.

3.      Student who have won recent MAXI competitions are also highly encouraged.

 Creating a program that is best for the organization and student

Both students and organizations get the most out of the visit by creating a day that offers a balance of networking and understanding of how the business operates. Our host organizations have found the following to offer the best experience:

Networking opportunities with management or executive team

  • Tours of facilities
  • Job shadowing opportunities with entry level or mid-level staff
  • Observe a client meeting
  • Other operational activities
Student Application