2019 Fall MAXIs

Heads UP! 2019 Fall MAXI Competition Forms Are Posted Here.

On Friday, November 15, the Fall Collegiate MAXI contestants will gather at Beaconfire RED, 2300 Clarendon Blvd, 2nd floor, Arlington, VA 22201.

The Collegiate MAXI Oral Case Competition for the Mid-Atlantic region offers student teams the opportunity to create an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan for one of two selected organizations. We are able to accept up to eight (8) teams for the competition. The participating organizations are:

• No Kid Hungry

• MEANS Database

The Case Competition

The student team is to respond to the challenge from the organization. The team should describe the goal of the campaign and audience segment(s) that the team seeks to reach, including the segment/audience profile(s). The team should provide a brief SWOT assessment of the organization (based on publicly available information). The team should describe its overall creative strategy, explaining how this strategy builds on the SWOT assessment.The team should provide the following in their presentations:

  • A clear outline of their proposed strategy that includes a solid, measurable goal regarding the team’s proposed marketing efforts. The strategy outline should state where the organization is presently – then where the team feels the organization would be because of the team’s campaign.
  • A sample of the team’s proposed creative campaign copy and design for print or online components, sample digital ads and sample social posts for Facebook, Twitter and/or other optional social channels. Please note the intended audience segment/target for each creative element.
  • An expense budget and projected revenue for the campaign. The team’s budget can be generalized, if necessary. Example campaign costs and response rates are listed later in this document for use.

Other communication approaches are also encouraged. For example, the team might also propose developing a mobile, video or DRTV campaign that may be used to reach specific segments of the team’s identified target segment or sub-segment, if this approach seems appropriate. Regardless, the target audience selected by the team should drive the organization’s unique focus, but, depending on the organization’s goals, does not need to reflect all the segments targeted by the organization.”

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top teams the day of the competition. The awards will be announced at the end of the oral competition event.

The Intent to Compete forms have been posted and are due on October 18. Please see links below.

Click here for the “Case Competition” document.

Click here for the “Intent to Compete” Form.

The Case Competition will be held Friday, November 15, 2019.