About Us

The Direct Marketing Association of Washington’s Educational Foundation (DMAW-EF) was established in 1986 by leaders of the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW) who saw the need to educate young people about the possibilities of, and potential in, a direct marketing career.

DMAWEF’s first officers, Ed Sisk, Catherine Lincoln, and Bill Armistead, understood that initially it would be necessary to develop faculty understanding of the industry and to make it possible to offer direct marketing courses and programs at the college and university level.  From this understanding, the EF created the Professors Institute, which is now an annual event held in early January each year (needs link to page).

Since then, DMAWEF has been expanding its programs to fulfill this mission. One such program is the Mentor a Student for a Day program that has students recommended by their professors visit direct/interactive organizations for a day to learn more about potential careers in the industry (needs link to page).

The DMAWEF, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, has become the link between direct marketing professionals, educators, and students interested in careers in direct/interactive marketing.