Student Success Stories


Leigh Ann Doyle

Salisbury University

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Leigh Ann participated in the Mentor for a Day Program at The Production Management Group (PMG).

What did Leigh Ann like about the Mentor for a Day Program?

I liked that the Mentor for a Day program provided the structure for me to experience and learn about the direct marketing/mail industry in a way that I would never been able to experience otherwise. PMG went above and beyond by taking me on a tour of a print shop so that I could better understand what they do and see it firsthand. I was able to immerse myself into the ‘real world’- before actually entering it – and capture a glimpse of what it might be like to work in direct mail. Everyone at PMG was clearly interested in sharing with me what they do and what they love about it. Spending the whole day meant that the tour of the print shop was just a part of my experience, and I was also able to meet with several different employees at PMG individually. What I learned was specific and yet I still gained an overall picture of how the whole direct marketing/mail process works.

During undergraduate marketing classes, I always remember hearing that there were so many different paths to take even within the field of marketing. Some of them sounded more appealing than others, and it was through the field trip that I went on, and then further through the Mentor for a Day program that I was able to discover that I had an interest in direct marketing. I was lucky enough to have Paula Morris as a professor, who understood the value of hands on experience and connecting the classroom to real life. She encouraged me to participate in the Mentor for a Day program and I am so glad she did.

Would Leigh Ann recommend this program to other students? Why?

Yes, without a doubt! It was a fantastic experience as it is a unique program that allows you to venture out of the classroom and shadow for a day to see what different positions or career paths might be like within direct marketing and more. Although I also did an internship, the mentor for a day program was definitely a worthwhile unique learning experience.

I was always told that I should never pass up an opportunity or looking into something further because you never know what it may turn into and because it can never hurt to just try something. I’ve also learned that when you pursue such opportunities you ALWAYS learn something, whether it is that you want to learn more or that it is something that you may not wish to pursue. Personally, the Mentor for a Day Program was an incredible opportunity that I enjoyed and that opened up the door to a full time job. I believe that the Mentor for Day program is a one of a kind and beneficial opportunity for students because there is no harm in pursuing every opportunity presented!

What is Leigh Ann doing now?

A few weeks after I mentored for a day, PMG called me to see if I was interested in working part time, which I saw as another great opportunity. With excitement, I said yes and started working part time in February. Currently I’m working full time as Production Coordinator at PMG and still learning something new every day!

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Lucas Jarvis Herndon

Southern Virginia University

Business Management and Leadership

Lucas participated in the Mentor for a Day program at The Colortree Group and Royall & Company.

What did Lucas like about the Mentor for a Day Program?

The most enjoyable feature of the program was that it provided myself with an overall understanding of the specific niche that the various companies operate in. This feature allowed for my experience to broaden instead of being centralized on a specific operation that the company does well. I also developed a large interest in the marketing field with the help of both Colortree Group and Royall & Company representatives.

Would Lucas recommend this program to other students?

I highly recommend to students involved in any academic field to find a mentor program that interests them and go for it!

What is Lucas doing now?

I have recently graduated from Southern Virginia University with a B.A. in Business Management and Leadership and am currently working and pursuing future career opportunities.

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Danielle Hart

Salisbury University
Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

Danielle participated in the Mentor for a Day Program at The Engage Group (PMG).
What did Danielle like about the Mentor for a Day Program?

The Mentor for a Day program allowed me to see what a real-life marketing job is all about. For most of my college career I had envisioned – I’m sure like most other marketing students – that a typical advertising agency summed up what everyone in the Marketing realm did for work. Boy was I wrong. After I toured a printshop, heard from expert direct marketers (like Chip Heartfield), and learned about four entirely different business models that go into making fundraising for nonprofits successful, I had an entirely different perspective. Not only did I realize that marketing can be applied to nonprofits, but also that there are many different specialized fields within fundraising that are all options for employment. The Mentor for a Day program with PMG, MailSmart Logistics, The Engage Group and MMI Direct opened my eyes to what direct marketing is all about, and without that experience, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Would Danielle recommend this program to other students? Why?

Absolutely, and anyone that knows me has probably heard it. While this program doesn’t guarantee you a job, it does give you a new perspective and new connections that will help any student acquire the tools they need to achieve the job they want. I was lucky enough to be offered an internship by The Engage Group at the end of my visit during the Mentor for a Day. Anything is possible, you won’t know unless you try! So again – YES – I highly recommend any student participate in the Mentor for a Day program.

What is Danielle doing now?

Currently I’m working for The Engage Group managing online fundraising projects for a variety of nonprofit clients while also assisting with job management at MailSmart Logistics, a sister company, specializing in drop shipment and commingling for direct mail. I’m pioneering the implementation of a student infrastructure for the DMAWEF in order to increase student participation in programs and events like the Mentor for a Day program. And lastly, I’ve started a Healthy Lifestyle blog,

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Tasheika Box

University of the District of Columbia
Tasheika participated in the Mentor for a Day Program at Quad Graphics
What did Tasheika like about the Mentor for a Day Program?

I enjoyed shadowing Carrie Schweikart at Quad Graphics sales office in Alexandria, VA. Mrs. Schweikart showed the library where all the previous catalogs were printed out and the direct mailing system that’s being utilized with various clients. I was also shown how the bridal catalogs are created (selection of models, wedding dresses and colors that are chosen for the catalog). Seeing the equipment that is used on a daily basis was great to see and how it’s applied was exciting! The afternoon was spent in Maritnsburg, WV where catalogs and magazines are printed for many of their clients. I was able to examine the beginning and final stages of a magazine. This experience gave me an inside view of how Quad Graphics markets to their individual customers/subscribers utilizing the tools they have to minimize their costs while doing so.

Would Tasheika recommend this program to other students? Why?

Yes, I would recommend the Mentor for a Day Program because it gives you the opportunity to see Marketing up close and personal. I believe this program gives you the opportunity outside the classroom to gain a better understanding of the direct marketing process. Now that I have participated in this program I have a greater appreciation for what direct marketing is all about.

What is Tasheika doing now?

I am currently attending the University of the Dirstrict of Columbia majoring in Marketing. I am also working part time in the Federal Government.

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