2017 FALL Collegiate MAXIs Are Ready for YOU!

On Friday, November 3, 2017, CCAH (Chapman, Cubine, and Hussey) will host the 2017 Fall Collegiate MAXI competition.

Student participants will have two case challenges from which to choose.

  • Sierra Club, a wildlife/environmental organization that will invite teams to develop strategies that support the ecosystem.


  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art, an urban museum that will encourage fundraising ideas focused on the arts.

Full Case Competition details and options for both case challenges can be downloaded here.

Supported by MAXI sponsors Kirk Swain [Directmail.com] and Alan Rich [Nova Labels], the MAXI challenge will meet at CCAH headquarters located not far from the Key Bridge at 2000 15th Street North, Suite 550, Arlington, VA 22201.




See you on November 3, 2017!