YOU Did It! Our #1 Silent Auction To Date!

Eight thousand thanks to the growing list of donors who made this year’s 2018 Silent Auction a top producer.

Our gratitude goes to the many generous donors who helped DMAW/EF raise over $8,000 (please see our donor list on the right hand side of this page).

Thank you also to the many auction bidders and winner who made this year’s Silent Auction so successful.

The proceeds will support vital Foundation programs, including:

• Collegiate MAXI Awards (Note: the 2018 Fall MAXIs are scheduled for November 9 at CCAH!)
• Mentor-for-a-Day, EF’s initiative to introduce qualified students to a “day in the life of integrated marketing.”
• Professor’s Institute, a two-day conference for mid-Atlantic marketing and communications professors and educators.
• Financial support for Marketing Professors to Attend Bridge Conference Sessions.

Thank You So Much!