Austin Kiplinger, Publisher, Philanthropist and Friend of DMAWEF

10.AustinKiplingerAustin Kiplinger died on November 20 at age 97. Mr. Kiplinger was a journalist and led the Kiplinger Washington Editors for decades. The company, founded by Mr. Kiplinger’s father, was a leader in using direct marketing techniques to build readership and loyalty.

Mr. Kiplinger was a long time member of the DMAW and a great friend of the DMAW Educational Foundation. He delighted in attending our events, including Best of Direct and the Collegiate MAXI. Just a year ago, Mr. Kiplinger spoke about his career in publishing at a DMAWEF Leadership Circle event, contrasting the publishing business today with that of his own day.

Many DMAW members and Educational Foundation donors will remember Austin for his great personal charm and interest in everyone he met. We are grateful for his contributions to our industry and our future and join his family in mourning his loss.

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