Salisbury and JMU Take Honors in the 2019 Spring MAXI Competition

Youth for Understanding headquartered in Washington, DC, offered the challenge for DMAW/EF’s 2019 Spring MAXI Competition.

Participants, who met April 12 at the headquarters of Chapman Cubine and Hussey (CCAH) in Arlington, VA, were challenged to develop a multi-channel marketing campaign to incorporate direct mail, email, digital advertising, social media, telemarketing and other relevant channels that address YFU’s goal.

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26 Professors Attend 2019 Professors’ Institute

Twenty-six professors from 16 academic institutions attended the 2019 Professors’ Institute held January 3 – 4, 2019.

Professors attended at no cost, with sessions and meals underwritten by our nonprofit organization with the generous support of DMAW/EF sponsors and Leadership Circle supporters. Hotel accommodations also were provided for professors who live more than 50 miles from Washington, DC.

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Congratulations to our Fall MAXI Competition Winners!

On Friday, November 9, the Fall Collegiate MAXI contestants gathered at CCAH (Chapman Cubine and Hussey) at 2000 N. 15th Street, Suite 550, in Arlington, VA.

Five teams participated in the competition representing three academic institutions: American University, King’s College and Salisbury University. There were two case options for our fall competition: AARP and Jane Goodall Institute (JGI).

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In this 4-minute video, Jim Doyle, Adjunct Professor of Direct Marketing at American University for 19 years, describes the cooperative teach-and-learn efforts between American University and the DMAW Educational Foundation. Over 1,000 students have graduated from Jim’s direct marketing class, with many moving on to work at a variety of direct marketing companies in the D.C. area. Here, Jim explains why he believes so strongly in the partnership.

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Mentor-for-A-Day. Everybody Wins.

by Maryann Chan, Account Executive and Intern Coordinator

Chapman, Cubine + Hussey

Many students can learn about the basics of marketing, standard terminology, and common practices in their college courses, but not everyone gets the chance to have a real-life experience that provides invaluable understanding in the field of marketing.

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