Fall 2015 Collegiate Maxi Competition – Winners!

DMAW EF Fall 2015 Collegiate Maxi Teams

Teams from JMU, AU & Salisbury compete and win!


FALL 2015 Collegiate Maxi Case Competition

The DMAWEF hosts the annual Collegiate Maxi Case Competition, and has moved ahead to create separate case challenges for both the fall and spring semesters, so that more students are able to enter this competition. Revising the competition from written cases to an oral case format also has the added benefit of being able to acknowledge the winners right at the competition.

The Fall 2014 Collegiate Maxi case challenge was “Earth Hour-2015.” This activity originated with the global World Wildlife Fund, which sponsored this fall challenge on November 14, 2014.  WWF key representative for this competition, Kevin Taylor, assisted by Denise Boatwright,  hosted the case competition in the WWF’s US  headquarters on 24th street.

“The DMAWEF was so excited that the WWF was able to host this case competition in their Washington, DC building, as well as provide this intriguing topic of Earth Hour for this fall event, commented Marilyn Liebrenz-Himes, Chair of the DMAWEF Competition and marketing professor at George Washington University. “We look forward to having another challenging case topic for our spring Collegiate Maxi competition.


The Gold Winning Team, James Madison University– 1st

Participants: Lauren Crain, Daniel Froehlich, and Patrick Shamburger.

Academic Advisor: Theresa Clarke.


The Silver Winning Team, American University– 2nd

Participants: Amanda Trcka, Cerise Miller, and Spencer Cox.

Academic Advisor: Michael Clayton.


The Bronze Winning Team, Salisbury University – 3rd

Participants: Mary Maderazo, Destiny Jones, and Kelsey King.

Academic Advisor: Paula Morris.


Participation Certification

Team 2 from James Madison University.

Participants: Emma Barlow, Emma DelMontagne, and Rachel MacGregor.

Academic Advisor: Bud Clarke.


Judges selected from both the WWF and the DMAWEF:

Representing World Wildlife Fund

Kathy Fenn

David Jorgensen

Staff Members: Kevin Taylor and Denise Boatwright


Representing DMAW EF:

Joan Bennett

Jonah Gitlitz

Carrie Schweikart

Staff Members: Marilyn Liebrenz-Himes and Kevin Bayes.


A special thank you goes to World Wildlife Fund for sponsoring the event!

Carrie Schweikart - president@dmawef.org


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