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Students Who Compete and Win Explain How They Did It

Part I

Maryland’s Salisbury University has been a stalwart entrant in the DMAW Educational Foundation’s Collegiate MAXI awards competition. Salisbury won Gold and Silver in the Fall 2015 competition and took Gold again in the Spring 2016 event.

Here, we interview Salisbury students who took honors in the Fall 2015 and the Spring 2016 Collegiate MAXI competitions.


Spring 2016 Gold Collegiate MAXI winners.


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Direct Mail: Dead or Alive?

by Jennifer Hernandez

32d7b11Marketers are talking about direct mail and some say it’s dead. It’s boring, predictable, and increasingly costly with growing postal rates. Or is it? Many believe that direct mail is outdated and  digital is the only way to go now. Contrary to popular belief however, direct mail is not a dying tool in the direct marketing industry.

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